Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year Resolutions!

    Making New Years resolution is a subject that goes through everyone’s minds. However, some resolutions are a bit lofty and sometimes are unattainable. I tend to be goal oriented so I am definitely guilty of making large resolutions as well. This year I’m attempting to make simple, attainable goals such as: 
Memorize Scripture: Print it out here

Live Stress Free

Savour the Moments

I would love to hear what y'all are doing, what are some of your New Years Resolution? Are you making large goals or small goals? How do you intend to keep your resolutions?


Sunday, December 29, 2013

New Year's Eve: Modest Style

Here are some of my modest New Year's Eve Party style ideas. Although I will not be attending any large shindig, I love looking at the beautiful formal dresses. I have scrolled page after page of dresses that draw my attention and upon a second glance I find them to be rather skimpy. Short hem’s and low cut fronts are attractive on the mannequins yet never looks quite the same on the human body. The positive side to all skimpy dresses is that with the right sweater and thick tights a girl can turn the dress into a modest dress! 
Onela Cardigan
Fancy Prance Dress
Glitter and Lace

Snowfall Soiree Dress

Peasant Dress 

New Year's Blessings!