Saturday, May 28, 2011

New post coming soon!

I promise there will be a new blog soon! Life has been so crazy lately! Also with my "On The Heart" blogs. I also have a few crafty blogs! I am so excited to share with you all that has been happening!
Love you!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A New Season

Daniel 2:21 “He controls the times and the seasons; He makes and unmakes kings; it is he who gives wisdom and understanding.”

The flowers are blooming bees are buzzing, birds are flying higher; this is spring. Spring has always been one of my favorite seasons because of its new life, color, and growth. This season I feel like God is growing me just like the spring is developing. A new season of my life is that is going to help me understand more of who I am, and who God is to me.
The verse at the beginning of this blog has shaken my world. Understanding that God controls the time and seasons seems normal for anyone, because God is the creator of the universe, so why wouldn’t he control the time and seasons. To me this is just reinstating that our God is a powerful God (and don’t you forget it); He knows and holds our world in close watch. I also think that this could be a metaphor for our lives. As He is growing and shaping us. God takes His people through seasons to teach them the things that will be needed as life goes on.
I have recently been diagnosed with ADHD. School has always been a struggle for me, but growing up home-schooled I was able to work around what ever troubles that occurred. However, College is a beast of it’s own kind. I have noticed recently that I was having a much harder time focusing on my professors, homework, and sheet music. So with some testing it was concluded that I have ADHD with inattentiveness. This may not come to a shock to any of my family members or close friends, but I still had to deal with taking on another learning difficulty. As far as an action towards this discovery, I am just doing some research and finding out as much as I can about it during the summer. I would love to know if any of you have some ideas in combating this.
God is making and unmaking kings and purging some of my feelings of low self-assurance. As I step forth into this new season I am asking for wisdom and understanding which only God can give; I am trusting in Him to sustain me and help me finish the school year strong!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

First Project Of The Summer!

My first day home from college and my creativeness what begging for an outlet! After searching my house, I finally found some yarn! The yarn was the Wal-Mart brand baby pink and a calico pink, brown, and green. I crocheted the two yarns together for a thicker feel for the wash cloth. I used a "m" hook size. The wash cloth took about an hour to make.

The pattern is...
1) Chain 21- turn.
2) Double stitch first row. This row should have 20 stitches. turn.
3) single stitch second row.
4) Alternating rows 2 and 3, continue until the was cloth is square, approximately 15 rows.
5) End- Chain tightly 15, then slip stitch in to the last stitch, tie off and hide ending.

Ta-da finished product!!

Happy Mother's day!!

Tell me what is everyone doing for their mother's??