Saturday, May 7, 2011

First Project Of The Summer!

My first day home from college and my creativeness what begging for an outlet! After searching my house, I finally found some yarn! The yarn was the Wal-Mart brand baby pink and a calico pink, brown, and green. I crocheted the two yarns together for a thicker feel for the wash cloth. I used a "m" hook size. The wash cloth took about an hour to make.

The pattern is...
1) Chain 21- turn.
2) Double stitch first row. This row should have 20 stitches. turn.
3) single stitch second row.
4) Alternating rows 2 and 3, continue until the was cloth is square, approximately 15 rows.
5) End- Chain tightly 15, then slip stitch in to the last stitch, tie off and hide ending.

Ta-da finished product!!

Happy Mother's day!!

Tell me what is everyone doing for their mother's??

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