Wednesday, September 14, 2011

EC Fitness Chalenge 5K

Today is day 3 of my official EC Fitness Chalenge 5K training! I am entering a race on November 12th! This will be my first ever 5K experience and I have just 8 short weeks to train! I am super excited to accomplish this goal! I has several friends a loved ones who are pushing and encouraging me! 
So, Since this is day 3, let me tell you what my previous two days were like.
Monday the 12th I Ran/Walked for 30 minutes ( 2 miles).
Tuesday the 13th I did circuit training with a group in our Student Activity Center. This training is provided for the EC Fitness Chalenge coordinators. As well as Run/walked about 40minutes (about 2 miles *outside*) I am soo sore from the group training and the run! My muscles are YELLING at me! 
Today will be a 30 min Run/walk with more running than walking I assure you. I will probably run on the treadmill. I find that I can run much longer on a treadmill than outside, I am not quite sure why but I hope to be just as good out side in the near future! 
In the mean time I live in the practice rooms playing music all the time, and studying! I am so relieved this semester seems to be going by quickly! Life is so difficult when not around the one’s I love! 

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