Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Watching: I have been watching Downton Abby non stop this semester! I can not think of a better show. Some of the other shows the Fiance and I have been watching are Once Upon A Time, Revolution, and Grimm. Although the last two listed are beginning again in a month or so! 

Listening to: This week my audio choice has been the Alabama Shakes! 

Making me happy: O swimming, how I have missed thee! So I have been swimming again for two weeks now, and I believe I have finally found my fitness niche! I had forgotten how much I loved to swim! 

Thinking about: All I have to do before I can leave for spring break! 

Praying about: Although there are a lot of people and situations I am praying for right now, I am so glad everyone seems to be getting better from the terrible season of colds this winter! I am thankful for health and energy! 

Excited about: Spring break and getting to see my family and my future family! I am also excited to be teaching violin again! I just started back again last week from a 3 year hiatus due to moving out of state! But now I am back in action! 

Midterms are this week for the college I attend and through the craziness I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!! The pictures are of some random things I have done this week!

Happy Wednesday! 

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