Monday, July 4, 2011

Violin Camp

So today all of the campers came for institute! The campus is hopping tonight! Honestly, my best and worst memories were made at Suzuki Institute and I wouldn’t trade any of them! I have made life long friendships, life long mentors, and i have learned more lessons about who I am opposed to how well I play! No matter where I am I know I have a connection with everyone here. Music makes a person connect unlike anything else! Suzuki is unlike any other music curriculum I have seen. They call it an “approach to learning” so there is always room for self expression or experimental elements. What I love about Suzuki is that the parents involvement is so crucial to how well a student improves. So a lot of the teaching is taught to the parent who in turn helps the child to understand. The parents are a key role in their children’s musical education. Dr. Suzuki thought of learning music like a language. It is easer and faster to learn a language if a person is immersed through a constant environment. So the thinking is to immerse the student in music to help the learning process.

“The destiny of a child is in his parents hands”- Dr. Suzuki

To me I love that my mom was so involved and I think it is just what parents need to give their children the one on one attention they want. Suzuki is a great music curriculum!!

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