Saturday, July 2, 2011

Brain Storming New Ideas

With the rise of behavioral disorders in children and the amount of problems within the educational world, it has come to my attention that as a future educator I will deal with these issues. So many children are way to highly medicated and under disciplined. I was at our church camp and noticed that over half of our campers in the grades of 4 and 5 were on at least two daily medications. And most of the medications were to treat a behavioral issue, such as ADHD, depression, anxiety, etc.. Now I do realize that for many kids these types of medical issues are very real and require some form of treatment. I myself am on ADHD medication to help me finish college. So I totally understand this treatment as a valid solution. But, is there anything more we can do? Are there other options beyond the traditional world of medicine? Is there a way to give a child an outlet for bad behavior or good behavior? I have been a Sizuki Violin student and teacher. I believe that there is so many benefits to children learning an instrument! I believe learning to play an instrument can help with all sorts of behavioral issues! I also believe that learning an instrument can help with learning disabilities! So I am wondering if anyone has some questions, comments, or input about me blogging about music incorporated in ADHD therapy and treatment? I feel like this could be a new stomping ground for some to understand. So if anyone is interested in reading about this topic please let me know! I am interested in seeing any kind of response! Or if anyone doesn’t like the idea let me know that as well! I am trying to understand and research all this out too. Thanks for your input!

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