Friday, June 24, 2011

Falcon Youth Camp 2011

I can not believe that camp is over for this year! It feels like it just started and now I have to wait a whole year for camp to come again! God has been working so much in me lately and has shown me so much during camp! The first week I was there I had two girls accept Jesus for the first time and about 5 who rededicated! We serve a mighty and holy God!

My heart is on fire for the future generation right now! We live in such a corrupt and sinful world and everyone seems to be okay with the way that we are living. But It is not okay!!!! As Christians we are called to live above what the world says is fine and live according to what the bible tells us to do! I know that I am guilty of living a life below the standards of God but I am so thankful that we all have a God who can and does forgive! No matter what we have done or what we will do God is always willing to forgive if we have a heart that is sincerely sorry.

We need to not be okay with a “little white lie” or watching TV that has sex, alcohol, cursing, and drugs. We need to think twice before we listen to another song that is on the Top 100 list. We need to not make Idols of the celebrities today because they will be gone tomorrow.

Our children are growing up thinking that it is “normal” to cheat on a test or to bully someone. Its normal for kids to experiment with drugs, alcohol and homosexuality. That Sex is what everyone is doing, and that talking back to parents and authorities are how a normal conversation is to occur.

I don’t know about you but the current stat in which this generation is in breaks my heart! Our world may seem fine to everyone but let me tell you, it is ripping at the seems! I know that we are in moral chaos.

The only answer for what is coming and what is happening now is Prayer. Parents, teachers, leaders, please, please pray for our young people!

It is not to late because I have seen teenagers lives changed with prayer. The youth of this generation are crying out for answers and hope!

We have an obligation and it is not optional.

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