Friday, August 19, 2011

New Dorm!!

This year my college opened a new dorm and I was one of the extremely blessed students to be able to live in this new dorm! Plus I got a wonderful roommate this year! So now the only problem with this year is that my boyfriend and I (Tony) are doing the long distance thing. This is our first week of school so the "missing you" emotions haven't been to terribly but I still don't feel right with him being so far away from me.
Anyway, I have been so proud of myself thus far in the school year because I have been so productive this week! Plus a majority of my homework is done so I have my weekend pretty much free!
Well, below I have some pictures of my new dorm room! I am trying to figure out the best way to decorate and stay organized, so there is still much to do but I am loving all the space we have this year and that my roomie and are the only one's sharing our bathroom!

My cute little desk!

My closet, I am going to get a curtain to put up (thus the shower rod) to hide all my stuff.
The sink in our bathroom, (that I only share with my roomie)!!!! I can't get over this huge bathroom!!

Yes, that is a tub/shower!!

Our attempt in being organized.

Our bunk beds and my roomie! Ps. it is so hard to make a top bunk bed!!

Well if anyone has some cute and easy tips for glaming up a dorm room I would be SO appreciative!


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  1. Beautiful room, sweetie!!! Starting to homeschool 3rd grade with Hayden tomorrow and missing my graduates!!! I love and miss you!!! Cute job decorating!!! Hope to see sometime this semester when you perform.
    Tootles, Mommy