Sunday, September 23, 2012

Pumpkin Scones

As promised I did find time last weekend to make these delicious scones by The Shoebox Kitchen. They turned out amazing and probably the best I have ever made scones!
They were gone so quickly that I only got time to take one picture of them and you will notice I did not do all of the icing that they did. And another little tidbit I just used the pumpkin pie spice mix in stead of all the separate spices. I believe another batch is soon to arrive in my home soon!

We also attended the 7th anual Greek Festval and it was amazing! I am slightly obsessed with festivals! 

I found this cute little book for a dollar at the Greek Festival and I can not wait to read it! 

I would have to say the Mr. and I have had such a wonderful week/weekend! Now back to studying my brains out! 


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