Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Spring Resolutions

School Starts back today!! 

Because I am still in college and still on a semester schedule, the New Year resolution thing doesn't work well with me. I think in short term goals. Once the short term ones are completed it balances out all of the long term ones in the end. Or, thats how I see it in my mind. So at the beginning of each semester or season, I make seasonal resolutions! Here we go!

1. School continues to come first. (Im ready to be done!)

2. Maintain a regular practice schedule. (violin + Piano)

3. Read Bible + Pray deliberately everyday/night. (This may seem easy, but its not!)

4. Blog regularly (Im excited about this one!)

5. Be in the Library... A lot!

6. Exercise  4-5 days a week.

7. Plan healthy meals + execute them.

Hmm, I think all of these are doable.

So how about you? Does the year long resolution thing work for you? Do short term goals work better?  What are some things that motivate you? Do we share some of the same goals? What are some goals that are different? I would love to know!

I hope to stay motivated and help others stay motivated through the wonderful upcoming spring!


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