Thursday, March 24, 2011


To me it is crazy how many ambitions I have. The possibilities are endless for me and I don’t know why I dream the way I do. I am sure it is a God thing but I desire so much out of life it has become my goal to do everything.

I love to travel the world. I can’t wait to do that with my best friend Tony! (whom I will marry one day). I want to see everything, and do most everything. So far I have been to Sweden, London, Turkey, Africa, Canada, and parts of the Keys just to name a few far off places. I would also like to see Greece, Russia, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Cuba, Hawaii……. I just want to see the world, and all the wonders of my King Jesus.

I also want to have a family, maybe homeschool, and have a business. I have always thought it would be amazing to open a thrift store and make it look fancy but have cheap clothes. I just think that would be amazing!

I can’t wait to start my own family though I know it will be no time soon. but i do want one ;) I also know who my husband will be and his name is Tony! He is a wonderful sweet man of God and is hardworking and family oriented. He is my true match when it comes to being friend, boyfriend, and love!

I want to do ministry and make my life a ministry in it self. I want to be open to help anybody at any time and let the love of Christ reflect through me! Because he is my true beloved one!

I play the violin and I have a passion for music. I would also love to have a after-school program to educate children on music and instruments. I believe music is universal and healing. Music has the power to make you feel happy, sad, scarred, and loved, it all depends on how it is used. I believe music makes a difference in the lives of hurting children and adults.

My to-do list can go on and on with all of my dreams and ambitions so I will leave it like this for now.

My goal is to blog about once a week at first just to get my bearings. I would love to know what ya’ll think about this new undertaking of mine! I hope to bring some inspiration in this next generation of young people who are searching for acceptance and love and hopefully point them in the direction to God. Being a Christian can be soooo much fun!

Peace in Joy.

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