Thursday, March 24, 2011

Women Reach Out!

So recently while reading through “Captivating” by John and Staci Eldredge and God is remaking my heart ever tender for teen girls and children. While reading this book I feel the need to reach out to a middle school girl and just hug her and let her know everything will be ok!

“The reason there are so many struggling women is because there were so many wounded girls.” - This statement from Captivating is so true! As women we can either be to harsh or to soft, it is difficult to find a happy medium especially when there is hurt and shame to deal with. I know that when I am hurt I do not want anyone to see what is going on inside of my heart and mind. So I hide behind a big smile or a “lets just talk about you” kind of facade. It works for a while but then everything I hold back tends multiply and explode on everyone around me. I know that when I was younger in facing major self challenges it was crucial for me to have a mentor, a person I could talk to about what was going on inside my heart and mind.

My prayer is older women will be mentors to young ladies and help them to learn how to express their selves in a non-damaging way.To motivate healing with in the comfort of a confidant who is open and willing to get involved in the lives of the young teenage girls who are going to be mothers, teachers, and leaders, of the next generation! Women reach out!!

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