Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Copper Pot

"The Copper Pot"
A Brick Oven Eatery

On Sunday the Mr. and I went and took engagement photos in the cute little town of Clarkesville, GA! We had an absolute blast being all cute and lovey for the pictures! (I will let y'all know how that went on a later post) Afterward we went to the only restaurant open which was a brick oven pizza place! It was fantastic! Quite possibly the best pizza I have ever had (and I'm not that big in to pizza). 

 Mr. also had a salad but we forgot to take a picture. He had a goat cheese and walnut salad with cranberries and the house dressing! It was superb.
  • yummy (did I mention it was freezing in North Georgia?)

  • We ordered The Big Cheese Pizza that had 3 types of cheese! Goat cheese, mozzarella, and something very sharp! Slices of Heaven! 

    We also were given this delicious dessert. Pizza dough covered in cinnamon sugar and fried with melted icing to dip.

    This was a fabulous meal to end our day! 


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