Sunday, January 5, 2014

Five Free Father/Daughter Date Ideas For the Winter!

Moms, Dads, Do you ever think about taking your children on dates? Well if you have, GREAT, but if you haven't let me introduce you to the idea a minute. Children naturally long for their parents attention. I know I did, and they are eager to please. I know the concept of "Dating your child" might be a bit foreign, but once you start I don't think you will ever want to stop. A man dates a woman by listening and getting to know her, showing her stability, and developing trust all while panning for her heart and character.  I am a strong believer that parents should do this same thing with their children. Daughters need to know their daddy's are cherishing who they are, and son's need to know that they are respected by their mothers. Fathers and daughters, mothers and sons have unique relationships because a daughter will normally marry a man who resembles her father and a son will look for a woman who is similar to his mother. The responsibility of giving sons and daughters high expectations falls on the parents. 
In saying all this I listed below my top favorite free(ish) dates for fathers and daughters this winter season! 

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