Monday, January 27, 2014

Modest Monday

The Art of the Tank-Top! 
I know that teenagers and young adults today love tank-tops. I am a super fan of them! They help cover any unwanted cleavage and when bending over they can make sure your moon doesn’t appear! 

My favorite tank-top I have found is from Target. They have Mossimo tanks in great neutral colors. The tanks stay up in front and are long enough in the back for me! 
Find Tank HERE
Colors: White, Black, Grey! (my personal favorite)

The trick is to buy a large size that way it will be long enough.
If you aren’t a fan of shelf bra tank-tops, Walmart has a selection of single layered tanks. 

I wear a tank-top everyday just for personal comfort and coverage. I would suggest wearing a tank with button up shirts, sheer tops, short tops, comfy sweaters, sweater dreses, and even low cut sun-dresses. There are plenty of tanks that have lacy tops and bottoms on them to make them appropriate with every kind of outfit. In the summer I think a spaghetti strap tank looks super cute with a chunky strap tank! Also a tank always looks adorable under summer sun dresses, if you have the right style to match the dress! If all else fails go for neutral colors! Remember if the tank comes with a shelf bra you still need to wear a real bra (straps or no straps)! Staying modest in the summer is a must, but being confidence in who you are is always the best accessory! 

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