Sunday, January 5, 2014

Kevin's top 15 playlist of 2013

1. Eastern Leaves-Moving Mountains, (Ft. Into It. Over It.)
2. The Night Comes-Eisley
3. (Tie) ...And Then You Moved Away and Defeating Verbs-Lions 
4. Who We Are-Switchfoot
5. Traveler's Insurance-Their/They're/There
6. Cat Fantastic-TTNG
7. Everlasting Songs-Rising Fawn
8. Two of a Crime-Perma
9. Blues to Black-Owen 
10. Obsessive Compulsive Distraction-Into It. Over It.
11. Anytime-Anthony Green 
12. Hate To See Your Heart Break-Paramore
13. Sleeping By Myself-Pearl Jam
14. Nothing to Lose-Merriment  
15. Temple-Kings of Leon 

My brother is super duper awesome and he listens to some pretty cool music. I like to think he keeps me hip. So I hope you hear and enjoy this music. And I hope it inspires your winter to be bright and delightful! 

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